W5DNT's Biography

Dan White, W5DNT, a native Texan, first developed an interest in radio at about age 10, and rapidly became an avid shortwave listener. He was fascinated by the ability to “listen in” on other countries, and learn about their cultures. In 1971, at age 13, he received his Novice amateur license (WN5DNT), and delighted in the ability to actually communicate with others via radio. He quickly mastered Morse code, and began a life-long love of CW. Dan progressed rapidly in amateur radio, and had earned his Advanced class ticket by age 16. During high school Dan helped found an amateur radio club at his school, and helped many others to get licensed. Later in life, in 1987, Dan obtained the Extra Class Amateur Radio License. From 1972 until June, 2008, Dan operated as WB5DNT, when he finally decided to “drop the B.”

Dan attended Texas Tech University, and graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. Following college, he lived in Houston, Dallas,  Lafayette, Louisiana, Anchorage, Los Angeles, Midland, Texas, Bakersfield and finally back to Dallas, working in a wide variety of positions in the oil and gas industry. In his last assignment, he was a regional Vice President for a major oil company, responsible for operations in the Former Soviet Union. During this assignment, Dan traveled extensively throughout the Former Soviet Union, Europe and Central Asia, making approximately 75 trips to the region. During this period, he maintained offices in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Holland. In addition, Dan has traveled extensively throughout Asia, the South Pacific and South America.

Following a challenging and successful career in the oil industry, Dan is now fully retired and spends most of his time enjoying his family. He and his wife Debbie have two children, Gerald and Melanie. In addition to amateur radio, he is an amateur astronomer, avid hunter, fisherman and photographer. The family has a ranch in Central Texas, where they have a second home and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. In addition to amateur radio, hunting and fishing, the family enjoys horseback riding at their ranch.

In the Summer of 2006, Dan decided it was finally time to put up a better antenna system at the family ranch, where there are no restrictions. With the help of good friends Tom Harrell, N4XP, and Alan Brown, K5AB, Dan elected to go with a four element SteppIR yagi, complete with the 40/30 meter conversion, atop a U.S. Tower HDX 555 motorized crank up tower. DX has now become Dan’s major focus in amateur radio, and he is active on 160 through 6 meters.

Dan holds 10 Band DXCC(160 thru 6 meters). In 2008, he was awarded the ARRL’s 5BDXCC, with subsequent endorsements for 160, 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters, along with the DXCC Challenge Award. DXCC was attained on 160 meters using a simple inverted vee. Dan is now working on the DXCC Challenge advancement, currently above 2,150 points. In June 2018, Dan officially reached the DXCC “Honor Roll” and can finally name by memory the few rare ones that remain! He hopes to some day perhaps even reach the “Top of the Honor Roll.” As of July 2021, Dan’s Mixed DXCC total was 336 total DXCC entities confirmed (331 current DXCC entities); with 320 confirmed on CW, 309 on SSB and 212 on Digital. Dan is also now active on FT-8, the best Digital mode to come along since CW, the orginal Digital mode!

Dan holds 10 Band Worked All States (160 thru 6 meters). During 2009, Dan earned the ARRL’s Triple Play Award, #373, which required “Worked All States” on SSB, CW and RTTY, all confirmed via Logbook of the World. He also has earned the VUCC Award for 6 meters, the Diamond DXCC Award and is a member of ARRL’s A-1 Operator Club.

Throughout the years, Dan has always had a love for amateur radio, with particular focus on HF and CW. Amateur Radio affiliations include Life Membership in the ARRL and ARRL’s Maxim Society, in recognition of lifetime support as a major donor. Dan is also a Charter Life Member of the CW Operator’s Club #297, a Benefactor member of the Northern California DX Foundation, a member of INDEXA, the Lone Star DX Association, the Central Texas DX & Contest Club, the Southeastern DX Club, FISTS #13,893 and 10-10 #8,326. Dan is a Life Member of the Texas VHF-FM Society and is also a certified Volunteer Examiner (VE), holding both ARRL and W5YI credentials.

Along with some of his radio friends and high school electronics instructor/mentor Dave Little, AF5U, Dan established a club station, licensed as W5FR. They may be heard contesting from the ranch station.

Dan is also involved in a number of community activities. He is a licensed Professional Petroleum Engineer in the State of Texas, a Master Mason, a Life Member of the Shriners of North America, the Scottish Rite, the National Rifle Association (Benefactor) and the Texas State Rifle Association. Dan is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Texas Tech Alumni Association, the Texas & Southwestern Cattleraisers Association, the American Angus Association, the Independent Cattleman’s Association and the Texas Wildlife Association.

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