Mobile Station


As of April 2016, W5DNT/M has worked 115 DXCC entities, with 106 confirmed. This was all done with 100 watts and the equipment listed below. CW was used heavily.



Mobile Station


HF Rig: ICOM 7000

HF Antenna: Tarheel 200A-HP w/ Cap Hat & 6’ Whip

VHF/UHF Rig: ICOM 2820H w/ DSTAR Board

VHF/UHF Antenna: Larsen 2M/440MHz Whip

HF Antenna Tuner: Turbotuner

Clearspeech DSP Noise Reduction Speaker

Begali “Traveler Light” CW Paddle

ICOM Mic or Heil “HC-5” VOX Headset

Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma


Second Vehicle: Toyota Sienna

Kenwood TH-D710 w/ AVMAP G6 APRS


All mobile radios use RT Systems “memory management” software


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